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Protect & Restore Nature

Take Climate Action with Our Nature-based Decarbonization Projects


We help you achieve your decarbonization goals

Join our nature-based decarbonization programs, where we prioritize high-quality and holistic impacts on nature, biodiversity, and local communities. 

 Your Climate Action Will Transform Into

CarbonEthics - Mangrove Trees

To restore our earth, we need to keep a dynamic balance between life and climate. We believe that conserving the existing ecosystem & carbon sequestration is essential in achieving climate positivity.

Restoring Climate Balance

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The variety of all life forms on earth supports healthy ecosystems that we rely on. We strive to keep biodiverse ecosystems with our restoration initiative.

Protecting Indonesian Nature and Its Biodiversity

Carbon Offset Indonesia, Carbon Consultancy Indonesia, Calculate Emission Indonesia, Carbon Footprint Indonesia, Corporate Social Responsibility Indonesia, Corporate Climate Action Indonesia

Communities have always been placed at the heart of our work. With every support given, you are advancing social impact by directly enhancing the livelihoods of our community partners.

Empowering Local Communities

Our Collective Impact

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1.3 Million



12.4K Tonnes


Beneficiaries Supported

People Reached

Increase in Farmers Income

Women Beneficiaries

of CO2e Sequestration Potential

Biota Planted

Updated December 2023

Trusted by 500+ Partners

from Government to Top Businesses

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And Many More...

As Featured in

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And Many More...

Award and Recognition

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B20 Sustainability
4.0 Award 2022 Finalist

JICA Accelerator Program
2022 Finalist 

Blue Water Heroes Award 2023 Finalist

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One Young World 
Global Ambassador

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CarbonEthics - SWC
CarbonEthics - Iris Prize

2023 Finalist

Startup World Cup Regional Indonesia 2023 Finalist 

The Iris Prize
2022 Finalist


ISRA 2024
Initiatives of The Year

What They Said
CarbonEthics - M. Shadiq Helmi Transjakarta
Moh Shadiq Helmy
Head Sustainability Expert
at PT. Transjakarta

Our collaboration not only increases public awareness of environmental issues but also encourages the Jakarta Commuters to get widely involved in carbon offset initiatives. This calculated action not only demonstrates our dedication to sustainability but also creates opportunities for future improvements.

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Let’s collaborate!

We welcome all partners including governments, organizations, NGOs, private & public sectors, small businesses, and research institutions to collaborate for climate action.

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The Latest Features from CarbonEthics


June 2024

CarbonEthics Honored with "Initiative of The Year" at Indonesia Social Responsibility Award (ISRA) 2024

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June 2024

J Trust Bank and CarbonEthics Collaborates to launch ‘TORA Green Savings’

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May 2024

Absorb Carbon Emissions By Planting Mangroves with EMISI App by WRI

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