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Carbon Calculator

Calculate your institution’s carbon footprint to start your journey towards carbon neutrality.


Calculating carbon footprint is the first step towards becoming carbon neutral. It’s crucial to know the areas you need cut the emissions so you can develop a carbon neutral strategy.

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Now, it’s time for you to take sustainable actions. Here are some ways you can reduce emissions

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Invest in more fuel-efficient vehicles or transition to electric vehicles.

Promote the use of public transportation and ridesharing among employees.

Encourage employees to bike or walk to work where feasible. Provide them with facilities such as bike racks and showers.

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Adopt in renewable energy sources for institutions daily operations.

Utilize energy-efficient technologies such as LED lighting, smart thermostats, and efficient HVAC systems.

Use the electricity wisely. Turn off the electronic when not in use.

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Reduce single-use plastic in institution’s operations

Choose eco-friendly packaging materials.

Promote recycling programs for plastic waste within the company

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Source food products locally and from sustainable and eco-friendly suppliers

Minimize and manage the

food waste.

You've seen the few steps given above, to learn more about the carbon footprint and what are the next steps on the stairway to climate balance, click here

In addition with these practical daily activities to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s equally important to absorb the carbon already produced and trapped in the atmosphere.

Adopt our Blue Carbon Packages to absorb your carbon footprint.

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