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Meaningful Careers that help the Future of Our Earth

Our journey is filled with new & exciting projects with plenty of room to grow.

We are always looking for like-minded people with a big heart for the Earth to help drive our initiative to even greater heights.

Here are some ways for you to get involved, we would love to see you!

CarbonEthics Value


Ability to proactively solve problems, driven by intelligent curiosity and also competitiveness, enabling them to tackle challenges with innovative solutions, make informed decisions, and achieve personal growth and success in their endeavors.

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Ability to demonstrate persistent commitment to achieve long-term goals, striving for excellence, and the ability to bounce back from setbacks with resilience. 



Ability to consistently uphold a set of moral and ethical principles in one's actions, decisions, and interactions with their colleagues.



Ability to choose individual interactions over processes and tools, working product over comprehensive documentation, collaboration over negotiation, and responding to change over following a plan.

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Ability to focus, consciously present, and pay close attention to their action and reaction while fostering self-awareness and embracing openness to diversity in the professional setting.

Planting a Tree

The Benefits

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Learn and Share

We provide a platform for you to learn more about climate and explore how we can take concrete action on climate. If you are more experienced, we can be a platform for you to contribute to restore the climate by sharing your expertise and experiences to inspire the younger generation.


Our team is coming from different backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures, united with the same purpose and spirit. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to connect, work, and make impacts together with us.

Make Impact

Our focus on nature-based solutions will be a base for you to take concrete actions for Mother Earth with your own unique strengths and expertise. This also means that you take part in restoring climate balance.

Job List

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What do they say about CarbonEthics?


Operation & Science Manager

"CarbonEthics has been a learning place for me, both for my hard and soft skills. Not only about mangroves, in CarbonEthics, I've also got a chance to get to the bottom of what our environment needs. I learn how to be a responsible human being."

Operation & Science Manager - Join Us Pa

Frequently Asked

Everything you need to know about CarbonEthics.

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