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Image by The Tampa Bay Estuary Program

Digital Monitoring

Transparency has an important role in conservation. Check out your mangrove(s) and coral(s) adoption photos here!

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Each Blue Carbon Package (BCP) you adopt from us contributes to our mangrove planting, seagrass research, and coastal community empowerment. You can check on the progress through the tracking table below.

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CarbonEthics will monitor the mangroves' growth 6 months after first planting and update the photos here. The monitoring will be done twice a year and CarbonEthics will replant all the dead mangroves found during the monitoring.

Mangrove tree

Mangroves are tropical trees that are spectacular in naturally protecting coastal communities living on coastlines from damaging storms, hurricanes, rising sea levels, and erosion. They support rich biodiversity, providing a protective breeding habitat for fish and crustaceans, this also supports livelihood for coastal communities to thrive.


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Thanks to our mangrove supporters, we’re hoping to restore mangroves back into the ecosystem.

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Every coral adoption will grow strong and provide protection for other marine creatures. To see all of the information about your coral, simply look for your name in the tracking table below.

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corals ready to be planted

Coral is a key marine ecosystem and an important ally in mitigating the effects of climate change. Besides, they also help to protect coastlines, provide habitats and shelter for other marine organisms. However, in the past 3 decades, the world has lost half of its total coral population.


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Thanks for your help, we hope to be able to restore coral reefs to the ecosystem.

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