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Revive Our Shores: CarbonEthics #TanamSejutaKebaikan Mangrove Revival During Ramadan on Kitabisa

Ramadan transcends tradition; it’s a period dedicated to introspection, benevolence, and virtuous acts. This year, CarbonEthics is championing a unique blend of spiritual enrichment and ecological responsibility with the #TanamSejutaKebaikan campaign. The initiative is a bold commitment to plant one million mangrove trees across Indonesia’s vital coastal regions during Ramadan—a time when consumption traditionally peaks.

Mangrove reforestation emerges as a robust response to the climate emergency. These trees are not merely carbon sinks; they are the bedrock of coastal ecosystems, providing substantial benefits to local communities.

Mangroves are the backbone of livelihoods, supporting aquaculture, enhancing fishing activities, and nurturing mangrove-derived businesses. CarbonEthics’ efforts have already led to the planting of over 200,000 mangroves, uplifting the economic well-being of partnering coastal communities by increasing their incomes up to 3.8 times. These communities have also innovated their income sources by crafting eco-friendly products from mangrove materials, earning recognition even from governmental entities.

This Ramadan, CarbonEthics has launched a campaign on Kitabisa to combat carbon emissions and fortify coastal communities against climate-induced threats like rising sea levels and severe weather patterns. The initiative highlights the power of collective endeavor in tackling environmental issues. Through crowdfunding, individuals are invited to join the #TanamSejutaKebaikan movement, embodying a shared commitment to effectuate enduring ecological and societal benefits.

Your donation, no matter how small, can make a big difference. For any amount individuals donate, not only helping to plant mangroves. Mangroves plating also benefit to absorb up to 33kg CO2e, rehabilitate coastal ecosystems, improve the economy and social conditions of coastal communities, provide additional sources of income, and support the safety of mangrove farmers with adequate protective gear and planting equipment.

To participate in the campaign, individuals can visit through Kitabisa page and donate any amount you can. Every contribution brings us closer to planting a million mangroves, and a seed of hope for a healthier planet and supporting sustainable coastal communities.

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