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Pathway to Excellence: WRI & Traveloka’s Quest for Sustainable Indonesian Tourism

Jakarta, 28th February 2024 - In a landmark initiative for environmental stewardship, WRI Indonesia and Traveloka have joined forces to host the "Road to International Quality Tourism Conference." This pivotal event unites diverse stakeholders, including private sector leaders, government officials, and distinguished experts such as Jessica Novia, Co-Founder of CarbonEthics, to delve into the vital elements of sustainable tourism.

The conference's core mission is to catalyze meaningful dialogue and foster synergies among key players in sustainable tourism. The agenda is ambitious, aiming to:

  • Spark multi-stakeholder discourse on Indonesia's sustainable tourism trajectory.

  • Compile actionable best practices and innovative solutions leveraging digital platforms.

  • Build strategic alliances and advocate for policies in concert with the Indonesian Government.

  • Drive policy partnerships towards impactful, collective action in sustainable tourism.

  • Cultivate public-private partnerships to bolster sustainable tourism's growth.

Jessica Novia, a luminary in sustainable practices, graced the panel discussion titled "Paving the Way for the Future of Sustainable Tourism." The session is set to offer profound insights on pivotal themes, including the public's role—especially youth and NGOs—in championing sustainable tourism, and the balance between quality and mass tourism in the sector's evolution. She is joined by an array of esteemed speakers: Louic Dujardin, Head of ESG at Traveloka; Cazadira F. Tamzil, Director of Public Policy at Pijar Foundation; and Amalia Wulansari, Executive Director at Yayasan Bina Karta Lestari, each contributing their unique expertise to the discourse.

The "Road to International Quality Tourism Conference" is more than an event—it's a stepping stone towards actualizing a sustainable tourism paradigm in Indonesia. Through concerted collaboration and dedicated action from all involved parties, the vision is clear: to nurture an Indonesian tourism sector that flourishes sustainably, benefiting society as a whole.

CarbonEthics calls on institutions and organizations to take concrete action for the environment and coastal communities. We are open to collaborating with various stakeholders that share our common goal. Click here to partner with us and make a difference.

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