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A Collaborative Venture Between Indonesian Startups and Japanese Enterprises on Decarbonization

On April 2, 2024, Jakarta became the hub of a pivotal discussion on sustainability, hosting the “CarbonTalks: Decarbonization with Indonesian Startup” event. This gathering, orchestrated by the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Spiral Ventures, CarbonEthics, and Automa, was a step towards a greener Indonesia, fostering potential partnerships between Japanese firms and local startups.

The focus was clear: to create a sustainable future through strategic alliances. The event shed light on Indonesia’s efforts in reducing carbon emissions and the role of innovative local startups in this green revolution.

CarbonEthics: Pioneering Blue Carbon Conservation

CarbonEthics stands out as an organization committed to restoring the climate balance. As pioneers in blue carbon conservation, we are not just advocates but active participants in Indonesia's decarbonization narrative. The event was a platform for us to disseminate knowledge on best practices and their bespoke climate solutions. Their suite of services encompasses tree planting, carbon consultancy, carbon offsetting, and eco trips, catering to businesses' corporate social responsibility (CSR) needs.

A highlight of CarbonEthics' presentation was the unveiling of a rare and valuable investment opportunity. Spanning 40,000 hectares of mangroves, a critical ecosystem for carbon storage and a boon for local communities and wildlife. However, the benefits extend beyond environmental impact; they ripple out to foster community development and enhance biodiversity.

Automa Supply Chain: Enabling Green Supply Chains

Automa Supply Chain, a tech startup, is redefining the green supply chain landscape. They underscored the urgent need for carbon measurement and verification as a cornerstone for companies aiming to achieve their climate objectives. Automa's innovation lies in its seamless integration of a SaaS subscription model with IoT capabilities for transport, warehouse, and energy management. Furthermore, they introduced a novel IpaaS API called transaction fee system for carbon calculation and verification, positioning themselves as a vanguard in the race towards the 2030 climate milestone and the ultimate goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

The event was a resounding success, drawing over 200 attendees virtually and in person at the ERIA office in Jakarta. The diverse audience comprised representatives from various institutions, all united by a common goal: to catalyze decarbonization efforts in Indonesia.

The synergy between ERIA, JETRO, Spiral Ventures, CarbonEthics, and Automa is a beacon of hope, signalling an increase in collaborative opportunities for decarbonization initiatives in Indonesia. For those keen on exploring these opportunities and innovative solutions, visiting is a step towards a sustainable and responsible corporate future.

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