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Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut in the Runaway of Dekranasda Festival Kepri 2023

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Photo: Dekranasda Festival Kepri 2023

Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut took the stage in the fashion show during the Dekranasda Festival Kepri 2023, an annual event organized by the Riau Islands government to showcase and uplift local products of the Riau Islands. Crafted by Alena Fashion, this batik attire represents a significant milestone for Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut, a creation of CarbonEthics’ local community partner in Dompak. The involvement of the batik in the event marks a positive trajectory in production growth.

Festival Highlights, Cultural, and Sustainable Significance

Dekranasda Festival Kepri was held on 2—4 November 2023 in Tanjungpinang. The festival aimed to promote local products, culture, and small and medium enterprises through diverse activities, including fashion shows, bazaars, art performances, and business seminars.

Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut was able to represent Tanjungpinang City in the event. Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut proudly represented Tanjungpinang City at this event.

The batik deserves its honor to represent Tanjungpinang City as it boasts a distinct batik pattern and the local communities have officially secured the copyright for its unique design. The distinguished elements of the batik that make it special include its sustainable production process and the symbolic significance embedded in its pattern.

Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut is produced sustainably, utilizing natural resources for its dye. Like its name, the batik’s dye is made from mangroves, specifically extracted from dead mangrove bark.

The pattern represents the cultural heritage of Dompak. It narrates the crucial role of mangroves in Domapk communities. Long ago, there was a tale of heroic mangroves that stood tall against the threat of pirate invasion, shielding both nature and people from harm. Their vital protection ensured stability and harmony among the communities, allowing life to flourish.

The batik features three distinct patterns, each carrying its own meaningful message:

  • Tudung Saji - symbolizing the protection of cultures, tribes, and cultural habits.

  • Buah Berembang - telling stories about resilience and persistence in life.

  • Kapal Jong - embodying tales of the journey towards achieving our goals as human beings.

Collaborative Efforts and Community Impacts

Various stakeholders support the creation of mangrove batik. It’s the result of collaboration between CarbonEthics, CarbonEthics’ local community partners, the CarbonEthics community development team, Lembaga Adat Melayu Kepulauan Riau Kecamatan Bukit Bestari, and the local government.

The batik production has empowered local communities and enhanced the local community’s livelihood. It increases their income and fosters education about preserving mangroves. It's worth noting that women are well-represented and empowered in the batik industry, as they make up 67% of the batik workers.

Now, the Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut is available for order. Interested buyers can connect with the CarbonEthics team to support local products. The Batik Mangrove Dompak is a testament to CarbonEthics’ mission to empower the local community and enhance their livelihood. It’s also the local community’s spirit that makes the batik established and continues to thrive successfully.

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