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Empowering Women in Tourism: Asia-Pacific’s Drive for Sustainability

Bali, Indonesia - The Asia-Pacific tourism industry stands out for its female workforce, with over 54% of its employees being women, a figure that rises to 56% in countries like Japan. This significant representation underscores the vital influence women have on economic, environmental, and social sustainability within the sector. Despite this, women often encounter barriers, such as lower-paying, non-managerial positions, informal employment, and the challenge of balancing work with domestic duties. These factors contribute to a wage gap of 14.7% compared to their male counterparts and are compounded by societal norms that place family and spousal career advancement before their own professional growth.

At the forefront of addressing these disparities is Jessica Novia, co-founder of CarbonEthics, who participated in the 2nd Regional Conference on the Empowerment of Women in Tourism in Asia and the Pacific. This pivotal event, co-hosted by UN Tourism and Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, convened delegates from across the region to forge collaborative action plans for women’s empowerment in tourism.

The conference spotlighted eight critical action domains, including leadership, policy, sustainability, entrepreneurship, employment, education, finance, safety, accessibility, and community engagement. These discussions set the stage for actionable strategies to empower women and amplify their contributions to the industry.

A highlight of the conference was the Green Action: Carbon Footprint Offsetting initiative, where delegates engaged in mangrove planting. The event culminated in an Interactive Cultural and Natural Tour at the ARMA Museum & Resort in Ubud, Bali, featuring a diverse array of cultural demonstrations and workshops.

Novia’s involvement exemplifies a hands-on approach to environmental conservation and underscores the practical measures individuals and organizations can adopt to mitigate their carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

CarbonEthics is recognized by Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for its commitment to environmental stewardship and its innovative Carbon Calculator, which assessed the conference’s carbon footprint.

Since its inception in 2019, CarbonEthics has been a champion for women’s empowerment, ensuring equitable access to resources and decision-making for its employees and the broader community. By embracing the Blue Carbon Package, you can join this movement towards a fairer and more sustainable future. Visit our website to learn more and become part of our mission.

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