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Green Travel 101: Top 5 Guides to Plan Your Perfect Climate-Friendly Ecotravel

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Would you love to contribute positively while trotting the globe? Wherever you go, there are few easy ways for you to be a responsible traveller! And we got it wrapped up for you.

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Green Travel can take many forms, ranging from responsible, and ethical practices, to ecotourism. Amazing eco alternatives also have rapid development nowadays offering unique and delightful experiences. And in the end, it’s about how we act to respect and benefit local culture and its people, its economies, and the environment.

Here are some of our practical travel plans to see the world while helping it chill again.

1. Research deeper!

Before you embark on your green journey, let’s make sure you will have a guilt-free travel experience. Because every destination is different, try to learn as much as possible about the place you are visiting – nature, language, religion, culture and local values.

You can do this in so many ways; from google research to social media stalking. This way, you will know how to carry yourself when you are there and can avoid silly mistakes like a wrong dress code, certain activities that might affect the environment to accidentally disrespecting cultural or religious rituals.

2. Pack lightly and smartly

Pack only the essentials. Because planes use more fuel the more they weigh. In addition to saving money for the extra weight, when you do all carry on luggage, you can avoid additional airport lines.

If it’s possible for you, minimise new travel packages. Please don’t forget to bring your own water bottle, and shopping bags. Just in case you need them for souvenirs or some shopping.

3. Choose a green accommodation

There are hotels that perform eco-friendly practices with a commitment to sustainability such as using water- and energy-efficient appliances, have a recycling program, use solar panels, and may wash sheets every few days, instead of every morning.

These accommodations are built and operated with the environment and local values in mind. In a lot of cases, these accommodations actually have done a lot of eco-travel planning for you through their available practices as mentioned before.

4. Choose your ride, wisely.

It is totally understandable that you want to get to your destination faster or if it turns out to be a faraway destination, then there is no option but to choose aviation. Since aeroplane jets use a lot of fuel, especially while it takes off and landing, you might want to consider a flight with minimum transit if you have to fly.

Switching to riding public transportation is one of the most effective actions individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint. By utilising local public transportation systems you will experience a great way to experience the local culture, and wind down for a little bit. You can also consider renting a bike or just walking.

But If you prefer a personal vehicle, please make sure to tune the engine, use correct motor oils, and adjust the tires. That is all to prevent fuel wastage and avoid worn-out tires to stay safe on the road.

5. Opt for eco-friendly tours

Please be mindful of your travel group size to keep the human-nature ratio at a manageable level. But if you don’t want the necessary hustle and bustle, you can always opt for an eco-friendly tours company that offers the complete trinity activity in ecotourism, which consists of conserving nature, sustains, and empowering the local community, and provides interpretation and education. For example, Bumi Journey. Bumi Journey will provide you exactly with the complete trinity of ecotourism’s activities, and you can also become part of #TravelCooler and meet other people who share the same point of view on how to travel.

Bumi Journey envisions climate positive ecotourism by providing carbon-conscious ecotourism experiences focusing on conservation, education, and community empowerment so travelers can contribute positively to the earth’s climate. Learn more about our story here.

Writer: Virda Risyad

Editor: Faiz Karim

Instagram: Bumi Journey

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