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Pulau Macan: Where The Good People Feel At Home

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Uniquely green for an evolved way of life. Pulau Macan will let you experience the top-notch sensations of an island living.

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Pulau Macan is situated in the Java Sea, 47 miles from North Jakarta. It is a common quick getaway for locals who usually live in Jakarta. But, unlike any other usual accommodation, Pulau Macan offers you so much more than just island living.

Pulau Macan is designed to cater to the sustainable living principle that aims to responsibly take good care of the environment while providing the best experience to detangle all those stresses. Let’s look into what made Pulau Macan eco-friendly!

1. They conserve water and energy.

Pulau Macan doesn’t provide you with AC, TV, and water heater for your stay, because you will not need them anyway! Pulau Macan also utilizes solar panels as the main energy source, so it is 100% powered by clean energy.

Pulau Macan also has a rainwater reservoir for water utilities while providing you with eco-toilets where you can use a water bidet instead of toilet paper.

2. Mainly vegetarian, organic where it’s possible.

Carefully selected, prepared with care, and locally sourced. The head cooks will go to Jakarta’s local markets to find the best local fresh produce. Delicious and nourishing meals are served buffet style and are mainly feasible for vegetarians.

On top of that, even with all the issues and challenges, Pulau Macan has managed to expand its garden significantly with the help of permaculture experts.

3. Carbon offset.

Pulau Macan also offers a carbon offset for you to redeem your travel carbon emissions through nature-based conservation. Carbon offsetting is the right choice for you to complete your whole green journey and give back what nature has offered to fulfill your soul.

Pulau Macan is basically the answer to environmentalists and nature lovers travelers in Jakarta. Very easy to reach, in less than an hour boat ride. The great news is, if you purchase Pulau Macan’s room from Bumi Journey here, your stay will include some mangrove planting to make your stay climate positive!

Bumi Journey envisions climate-positive ecotourism by providing carbon-conscious ecotourism experiences focusing on conservation, education, and community empowerment so travelers can contribute positively to the earth’s climate. Learn more about our story here.



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