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Tanam Sejuta Kebaikan: A Collective Movement in Ramadan to Restore the Climate Balance

Updated: Jan 31

Ramadan is more than just a month of fasting, praying, and giving. It is a time to celebrate the blessings, gratitude, reflection, and caring that make us human. It is a time to reconnect with God and care for His creation, including our fellow human beings and the planet.

But our planet is in danger. Every year, humans add around 35 billion metric tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere, worsening the climate crisis. We need to act now to protect and preserve our environment for ourselves and future generations. And Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to do so.

As an institution we can be part of the solution. We have the power and the duty to make a positive impact on the world. You can use Ramadan as a platform to showcase your social responsibility and engage with your customers and communities. But to design and implement a sustainable Ramadan program?

We offer a sustainable practice for your institution or business this Ramadan. Not only giving to the people during the Holy Month but also to the planet and biodiversity.

#TanamSejutaKebaikan for Sustainable Ramadan

Conducting a sustainable program, especially during Ramadan, can be quite challenging due to the time-sensitivity and time-consuming nature, especially when Institutions have tight schedules and high targets during this holy month.

To facilitate sustainable programs during Ramadan, CarbonEthics has designed #TanamSejutaKebaikan, a special Ramadan program packages that prioritize environmental conservation, biodiversity protection, and local community development through mangrove planting.

You can choose our various programs that are matched with your institution’s sustainability goal. The programs the institutions can opt-in to:

  • Sedekah Bumi

Program to donate a portion of the product’s profit to plant mangroves. It is a collective effort to impact the product’s profit. The program suits industries with high transaction volumes, such as FMCG, transportation, and manufacturing.

  • Earth Penny

In this program, institutions encourage customers to donate their change in the transaction. It is recommended for retailers, food and beverages, platform-based services, and physical stores.

  • Nature Rehabilitation Programs

This program involves planting mangroves with a minimum purchase to rehabilitate the mangrove forest and provide education programs for local communities. It is suitable for CSR, brand activation, and events.

  • Sustainable Corporate Gift

This is ideal for corporate gifting during Ramadan. The mangroves planted will be under the gift recipient's name, and CarbonEthics' local farmers will plant them in CarbonEthics' plantation site.

Ramadan in 2024 will start in March, so don’t wait until the last minute to plan your sustainable Ramadan program. With thorough preparation and the right strategy supported by the right partners, the program is expected to run well. That’s why important to select sustainable and impact-driven sustainability partners that have a mission for the climate.

Contact us today to join #TanamSejutaKebaikan and make this Ramadan more meaningful and rewarding. Together, we can plant a million goodness for the planet and the people.

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