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4 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Emissions While Traveling

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Small steps have the biggest impact. These traveling tips will help you make a positive impact on this earth.

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Reducing your environmental impact while having fun traveling is not as tricky as it sounds. In fact, it is very much doable, and it gives you that good feeling from contributing positively to chill this earth again. Just a little more effort during your travel can mean so much more for this earth.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the best and easiest ways to reduce your carbon emissions while you travel and have the best experience!

1. Minimise water and energy consumption.

It is very normal that we all just want to relax while traveling. But this does not mean we cannot mind our water and energy consumption. Cool travelers are those who respect the destination they visit by being mindful. The simplest things, done by everyone, create a positive impact. You can start by:

  • By opting to use your bedding and towels for the length of your stay, you already contribute to minimizing water, energy, and detergent consumption.

  • Do not forget to close your water tap when you brush your teeth.

  • Take a brief shower rather than a long bath so you’re not wasting too much water.

  • Turn off the lights and air conditioner in the morning and when you leave the room.

  • Plug off your charger when you do not use it.

2. Support local for the win!

Rather than going to big chain restaurants or shops, eat locally sourced food from local restaurants or cafes. You will taste the wonder of local food authenticity, which is always an unforgettable memory. Swap from mass-produced souvenir shops to local or even thrift stores to find something uniquely local.

We encourage you to choose dine-in to avoid takeaway packaging, but if you must choose takeaway, you can swap the packaging with your personal to-go containers. By buying local, you can minimise economic leakage, and the money will stay local to empower the community. On top of that, locally sourced food means fewer carbon emissions in the food distribution chain, so it is a win-win!

3. 4 R’s are the golden rule.

Refuse, reuse, reduce, and then recycle. We can say that four of them are the essentials of a green trip. By practising these small steps you’re already contributing to conserving energy use and reducing carbon emissions. Here are some easy tips, which you can totally do to practice the golden rule!

  • Refuse single-use plastic at all costs. Choose reusable straws, cutleries, bottles and bags instead of plastic ones.

  • Refuse chemical sunscreen use as it causes coral bleaching when it washes off your skin into the ocean. Swap for Reef-Safe sunscreen instead.

  • Properly dispose of any waste that you do create. You can recycle or compost your own waste if there is any recycling program at your accommodation.

  • Refuse animal-paid experiences, choose eco-friendly activities such as coral or mangrove planting, or cleaning the beach.

  • Reuse your towel or bedding for the length of your stay.

  • Finish your food to reduce food waste.

4. Public transportation for a guilt-free journey.

When you travel, use public transportation when possible, or as much as possible. Since both trains and buses are some of the lowest carbon-emitting modes of transportation (next to riding a bicycle) and a great way to see a place like a local! Consider carpooling options like Gojek or Grab (in Indonesia) for short trips around the city just in case there are no trains available.

Bumi Journey envisions climate positive ecotourism by providing carbon-conscious ecotourism experiences focusing on conservation, education, and community empowerment so travelers can contribute positively to the earth’s climate. Learn more about our story here.

Writer: Virda Risyad

Editor: Faiz Karim

Instagram: Bumi Journey


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