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Celebrating 4 Year of CarbonEthics Impactful Journey to #THRIVE4Nature

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

It has been four years since CarbonEthics planted the first seed of its mission to restore climate balance through natural climate solutions. Through the shared minds and purpose of our co-founders - Agung Bimo Listyanu, Jessica Novia, and Innandya van der Kolk - CarbonEthics exists and persists in focusing on inspiring and enabling climate action while improving the livelihoods of local communities and enhancing biodiversity.

Our founders in the mangrove plantation site
Our founders in the mangrove plantation site

In less than four years, we managed to plant more than 145,000+ blue carbon biotas, including mangrove, seaweed, seagrass, and coral, across four planting sites in Indonesia, thus capable of absorbing more than 6,600+ tonnes of CO2e throughout the plantation lifetime.

Our mangrove farmer showing biodiversities found around  the conservation area
Our mangrove farmer showing biodiversities found around the conservation area

With these planted blue carbons, it grows into a safe haven for the surrounding biodiversity to thrive. Fishes and crustaceans are residing around the rehabilitation area. Also, with our blue carbon conservation efforts, we managed to uplift the welfare of the local communities by helping them receive three times higher income than other local people, benchmarking from minimum regional wage across our operational sites.

"Within the four years of growing and impacting, we are expanding from a foundation –that educates and inspires individuals and institutions for climate action– to an impact enterprise, that also acts as a carbon project originator that removes atmospheric carbon with tech-enabled natural climate solutions," explained by Agung Bimo Listyanu, Chief Executive Officer of CarbonEthics.

"Furthermore, with the immense height of climate change challenges, CarbonEthics is highly determined to move forward and overcome them," continued Agung Bimo. In celebrating this year's fourth impact anniversary, CarbonEthics takes a leap of faith to expand its holistic climate conservation and rehabilitation efforts.

Expanding to Impact Enterprise to #Thrive4Nature

In recent years, the challenges of climate change are getting more immense, and so is our determination to overcome them. Hence, CarbonEthics commemorates its fourth anniversary with the theme "#Thrive4Nature'' to show its firm dedication and ambition to restore nature to bring back climate balance.

This also marks our expansion to consolidate our commitment to restore climate balance by supporting institutions and individuals to decarbonize through community-based nature climate projects. We strive to make decarbonization effort effortless through several climate services such as Carbon Calculation, Carbon Consulting, Carbon Sequestration, Monthly Subscription, Climate-friendly Travel, and Digital Monitoring systems.

Introducing Our New Identity

The breakdown of CarbonEthics' new logo
The breakdown of CarbonEthics' new logo

In taking our dedication in climate to the next level, we unveiled a new logo and visual identity, to mark our first step of the next fruitful and thriving journey to restore nature. This logo reflects our expanded purpose and our commitment to Mother Nature. The updated key design elements are as follows:

  1. The Alphabets CE is where we live up to our name and excel in decarbonizing the world.

  2. The Wave represents motion, change, and energy, and it describes CarbonEthics as an impact-driven enterprise, ceaselessly endeavoring to create a positive environmental impact.

  3. The Blue Carbon symbolizes us embracing our roots in blue carbon conservation; its area covers three-quarters of the earth’s surface.

  4. The Leaf completes the circle of our logo and brings balance to Mother Earth. It symbolizes growth, rebirth, and life.

What’s next for CarbonEthics

Our journey is just getting started. We are ready to unfold many opportunities and experiences in creating a greener and sustainable future. With climate change a global challenge, we strive to expand our wings beyond Indonesia to global markets, aiming to accelerate the supply of natural climate solutions worldwide. Thus, accelerating and refining our supply of natural climate solutions will become our primary focus to bring benefits to the environment and biodiversity, and empower local communities.

This move reflects our thriving commitment to scaling our impact and broadening our reach by being a credible decarbonization partner for climate mitigation and adaptation. Click here to read through our Impact Report 2022 and watch our anniversary video to know more about our journey in creating impacts to the people and planet

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