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Carbon Absorption to Complete your Climate Friendly Adventure

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

After having fun planning and reducing carbon emissions from our travel, now it’s time to offset that inevitable carbon that we generated to contribute more positively. But what is carbon offsetting? And why should we do it?

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There will always be carbon emissions generated during travel, no matter how hard you try. But that’s okay, there is no point worrying or feeling guilty about something you cannot control. The good news is, there is a fairly simple solution to this problem which takes us to the last step of #TravelCooler.

What is carbon offset and how does it work?

To give you a bigger context, the beloved Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that there are two essential actions to ensure a good future for the earth:

  1. To cut carbon emissions by approximately 45% from the 2010 level by 2030.

  2. Achieve net-zero emissions* by 2050.

*remaining emissions are removed from the atmosphere.

But it’s not feasible to stop generating carbon emissions at once today, and that’s where offset comes in.

To put it simply, companies and individuals can cancel out the impact of some of their emissions by investing in projects that reduce or store carbon – forest, blue carbon preservation, and tree planting are among them.

You can calculate your carbon footprint by analyzing how your activities generate CO2. For example, if you take one round flight trip from Jakarta to Bali, you will emit around 350 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It means you can plant 7 mangrove trees to offset and compensate for the emissions from that trip.

But be aware, because carbon offsetting is not a long-term solution, it can not be used as an excuse to neglect the systemic (lifestyle, policies, etc.) and mindset reformation to our energy production and usage that are urgently needed to move forward for a more sustainable future.

Why offset carbon?

The most exciting reason to offset carbon emissions is the fact that it generates funding for environmental projects. Carbon offsetting programs that utilize nature conservation have invaluable impacts on not just the carbon emissions reduction, but also the thriving biosphere and ecosystem as well as the local communities benefiting from it. For nature lover travelers, there is no doubt that visiting lush, beautiful nature is something that we all dream about. So carbon offsetting is one of the ways for us to make it happen.

How Can I Offset?

Easy peasy. There are many carbon offsetting projects that you can choose today, but the one you might want to consider is the blue carbon conservation by CarbonEthics. Its ability to absorb carbon emissions up to ten times better than terrestrial forests make the project worth exploring.

Especially, as the conservation focuses on mangrove planting, this would help Indonesia’s coastline to thrive again (Indonesia accounts for 25% of the world’s mangrove forest, but has a 40% deforestation rate).

CarbonEthics offers an easy carbon emission calculator that will automatically tell you how many blue carbon plants you need to contribute to sequester your carbon emissions. Everything is only a few clicks away.

Bumi Journey envisions climate-positive ecotourism by providing carbon-conscious ecotourism experiences focusing on conservation, education, and community empowerment so travelers can contribute positively to the earth’s climate. Learn more about our story here.

Writer: Virda Risyad

Editor: Faiz Karim

Instagram: Bumi Journey


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