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Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut Goes to COP28

Updated: Jan 8

Dubai, UAE - The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan Republik Indonesia) as part of the Indonesian delegation at the 28th UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai has brought a unique and innovative product to showcase: Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut, a natural and sustainable batik made from mangrove bark.

Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut is a creation of the coastal communities in Dompak island, Riau Islands province, in collaboration with CarbonEthics. The batik uses extracted dead mangrove bark as natural dye, and features three distinctive patterns that reflect the local wisdom and history of the island: tudung saji (a cover for food), buah berembang (a type of mangrove fruit), and kapal jong (a traditional ship).

Production of Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut

The batik production process is environmentally friendly and socially inclusive, as it does not use any harmful chemicals and involves the participation of women and youth. The batik also helps to raise awareness and appreciation of the mangrove ecosystems, which provide various benefits such as carbon sequestration, coastal protection, and biodiversity conservation.

The Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut is a part of Indonesia's showcase, which highlights the country’s efforts and achievements in addressing climate change and pursuing green development.

COP28 in Dubai

The Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut is not only a beautiful and unique product, but also a symbol of hope and resilience for the coastal communities and the mangrove ecosystems in Indonesia. By showcasing the Batik Dompak Laut at the COP28, Indonesia hopes to inspire and collaborate with other countries and stakeholders to promote low-carbon and climate-resilient development that respects and preserves the diversity of life on Earth.

The Batik Mangrove Dompak Laut has also been recognized and appreciated by several stakeholders in the Riau Islands, such as the local government, the National Tourism Association, and the Universitas Maritim Ali Haji. The Batik Dompak Laut was featured in the fashion show during the Dekranasda Festival Kepri 2023, an annual event to uplift local products of the Riau Islands.

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