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Image by Christoffer Engström

For every adopted Mangrove(s), you will actively participate in the Emission Reduction and Sequestration Initiative (EMISI) program by World Resource Institute (WRI) Indonesia, which aims to reduce individual carbon footprints.


This initiative will help you to contribute to restoring our planet by:


  • Absorbing up to 33 kg of CO2e from the atmosphere.

  • Rehabilitating blue carbon ecosystem to protect the coastal communities from natural risks and provide a home for biodiversity, such as fish, shellfish, crabs, etc.

  • Empowering coastal communities through direct economic income from planting, community development programs, and climate training.

  • Supporting local communities by ensuring our farmers are safe from hazards during plantation with protection gear and planting equipment.


You can monitor the growth of your mangroves through our Digital Monitoring system.

Plant Mangrove with EMISI by WRI Indonesia

  • Please note that all mangroves will be planted by our farmer partners and will not be delivered to your address.

  • We will send the certificate of appreciation within 48 working hours.

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