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Image by Christoffer Engström

When you choose to adopt a baby coral, you’re not just getting a unique marine keepsake; you’re actively participating in restoring our ocean’s health.


Our dedicated partners will carefully transplant your adopted coral into the thriving coral gardens of Bali. Your coral will flourish amidst the vibrant underwater tapestry, becoming a bastion for diverse marine life.


Corals may not be renowned for their CO2 absorption capabilities, yet their role in the marine ecosystem is irreplaceable. They are known as "rainforests of the sea" because they are home to almost 25% of all known marine species. Also, they serve as natural coastal guardians because they can minimize wave impacts from storms.


As a way to appreciate your adoption, your name will be tagged in our coral garden. You can also personalize your Certificate of Appreciation by adding the name of the person you are gifting the coral. Whether a gift or a personal pledge, this certificate symbolizes the bond between you, the ocean, and the life it sustains.



You can check your Baby Coral through our Digital Monitoring for every Baby Coral you adopt.

Baby Coral

  • Please be aware all Corals adoption will be planted by our farmer partners and will not be delivered to your address.

  • Please be advised these planting schedules are not fixed and can vary depending on the availability of our planting site. For more information please email us directly to confirm the planting schedule.

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