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CarbonEthics Recognized as Finalist in B20 Sustainability 4.0 Awards

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Innandya Kusumawardhani van der Kolk posing in front of B20 Sustainability 4.0 Awards A joint European-Indonesian Project banner Banner holding a certificate of recognition

CarbonEthics is honored to be one of the finalists in Indonesia's prestigious B20 Sustainability 4.0 Awards. Represented by Chief Operating Officer Innandya Kusumawardhani van der Kolk, the award recognizes CarbonEthics’ unwavering commitment to encouraging businesses to appreciate the contribution of professional women in corporations that led sustainability-related initiatives for Indonesia.

The B20 Sustainability 4.0 Awards provides a space to appreciate those who contribute significantly to sustainable development and show evidence of innovative and measurable results in sustainability. This event also has the ambition to celebrate businesses and organizations that try to increase the awareness of sustainable initiatives by embracing climate change in their agenda.

The rigorous and competitive selection process for the award selected 18 finalists, including CarbonEthics, from over 700 participants. This selection is based on the finalists' impact, reach, innovation, and sustainability related to three main focus areas: access to clean water (SDG 6), reduction or reuse of plastic waste (SDG 12), and women in sustainability (SDG 5); where CarbonEthics is included in the last category. It is a proud moment for us as a social enterprise committed to sustainability and women's empowerment.

Moreover, we also got a chance to attend the awarding night. The ceremony was held on October 18, 2022, at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta. The event was attended by quite a number of figures, one of which is the representatives of the Indonesian Government, The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, along with over 250 participants from various corporations, SMEs, and sustainability practitioners.

Representatives from Sukkhacitta, Duanyam, Amartha, CarbonEthics, and Hearme posing in front of green banner of B20 Indonesia Sustainability Awards
(left to right) Brand Representatives from Sukkhacitta, Duanyam, Amartha, CarbonEthics, and Hearme

We are also proud of the other finalists who managed to bring home some awards, such as Duanyam as the first winner, Sukkhacitta, and Evermos as the runner-up. We are thrilled to see the growth of sustainable practices among Indonesia's MSMEs. Their innovative approaches to sustainability are true testament to the commitment of businesses to driving positive change and creating a better future for all. The event comes to an end after receiving more than 700 applicants and 200+ proposals from 34 cities in Indonesia in three main categories.

To wrap up the small steps towards building a better world, the B20 Sustainability 4.0 Awards committee also launched the B20 Sustainability 4.0 Book in Bali on November 11, 2022, coinciding with the B20 Indonesia Net Zero Summit at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC). This book highlights small steps to building a better world and creates strategic and impactful efforts as a part of the commitment by businesses and individuals to support a more sustainable future.

Through this book, we also hope all the key sustainability stakeholders can have a concrete directory and create connections between stakeholders that leads to collaboration to continue B20 Sustainability 4.0's effort in supporting sustainability action in Indonesia.

We extend our appreciation to everyone who has supported CarbonEthics journey, from businesses, government, to local communities. CarbonEthics is certain that a carbon neutral future is possible, when businesses & institutions take a serious step towards decarbonization. CarbonEthics welcomes businesses & institutions to take the first step towards sustainability through GHG Consultation, Carbon Calculation, Carbon Offsetting, and many more. You can learn more and collaborate with us through our website.

Writer: Alfredo Dwi Putra

Editor: Howen Jayawi

About CarbonEthics

CarbonEthics is an organization that aims to restore the climate balance through nature-based solutions with pioneers in blue carbon conservation. When you conserve with CarbonEthics, you are not only creating positive environmental change, but you are advancing social impact by directly enhancing the livelihoods of our local community partners.

Instagram: @CarbonEthics

LinkedIn: CarbonEthics

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