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Meet our Farmers


​Behind every carbon offset you purchase, there is a human story. For every seagrass seedling and mangrove tree that grows out of the ground, there is a pair of hands digging the dirt and gently planting the roots in the sand.

In total, 50 farmers' households living around small islands in Indonesia are supported by CarbonEthics. This space is dedicated for you to meet some of these heroes, their stories of hope, and find more about how your action is helping to support their local communities.

Meet Pak Momo

This is Mustafa. Mostly called by his childhood nickname - Pak Momo. He is currently working as an honorary employee at a governmental institution in Thousand Islands and was also entrusted by the people of Harapan Island to be the leader of  the village conservation efforts.

We first met Pak Momo back in April of 2019, when Jessica, one of our Co-Founders, took an eco-diving trip in Pulau Harapan, and discovered their local mangrove nursing area. In June of 2019 he became our first farmer partner. 


To Pak Momo, the community-based conservation activities conducted by CarbonEthics in Harapan Island have been very helpful for his organization as it has given the farmers a source of income.

Watch the video below to learn how your contribution to CarbonEthics is supporting communities like Pak Momo's during COVID-19.


Blue Carbon Planted By The Farmers During COVID-19

Marine Mangrove

New Assets_White Outline_Mangrove.png



Estuarine Mangrove

New Assets_White Outline_Mangrove.png




New Assets_White Outline_Seaweed.png




New Assets_White Outline_Seagrass.png




New Assets_White Outline_Coral.png



Data from May - September 2020 during Covid-19 campaign

Bu Maryana

Meet Ibu Maryanna

Ibu Maryanna is one of our female mangrove farmers who also lives in Pulau Harapan. When not planting mangrove trees, she is taking care of her family as a housewife and working as the chairman of her neighborhood. She is part of a group of farmers who are receiving training to improve their farming skills.


At CarbonEthics we believe in equipping these communities with knowledge that supports their job security. Besides providing them with work in plantation and monitoring, our holistic community-based blue carbon conservation work includes educating local farmers on environmental impacts and benefits of their activities, and giving them methodological and operational training.

Social Return On Investment

Social return on investment, or SROI, is a method for measuring values that are not traditionally reflected in financial statements. This includes social, economic, and environmental factors. This method helps identify how effectively an organization uses its capital and  resources to create value for the community.


According to the One Young World 2019 Impact Report, Our SROI ratio is 1 : 3. Meaning that for each $1 dollar invested in CarbonEthics, $3 are generated in social, economic and environmental value.


Meet Bang Herman

This is Bang Herman. He is a Universitas Nasional Marine Science undergraduate student who is passionate about marine wildlife and an advocate for environmental conservation. He is part of our group of 20 coral farmer partners living in Pramuka Island.

CarbonEthics has been partnering with Bang Herman's organization since March of 2020. His community shares that through our adoption programs, they are able to keep farming even during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.


Besides that, the coastal community have learned that by conserving their local ecosystems, they are nurturing other sources of income, such as eco-tourism activities. The knowledge acquired has made them more enthusiastic about conserving the blue carbon ecosystem in their region.

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