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Take the Very First Step Toward
Your Institution's Climate Journey!

Make decarbonization effortless. With Carbon Consultancy, calculate, understand,

and sequester your carbon emissions with us.

About Carbon Consultancy

Institutions, like companies and organizations, have the power and duty to restore climate balance by reducing carbon emissions. The first step on this journey is understanding where these emissions come from and how much the institutions emit the emissions.


That’s where institutions need carbon consultancy. CarbonEthics provides carbon consultancy services to assess, monitor, calculate, and report emissions. This sets the stage for institutions to head towards net-zero goals. We help identify emission hotspots and advice you on potential reduction efforts that can be done.


Maximize the Decarbonization Potential

Opting into decarbonization is not just a choice — it's a transformative step towards a future where your institution thrives, and the environment flourishes. It also gives benefits to your institution:


  • Increase revenue growth

7 out of 10 companies increase unexpected revenue growth when they start their sustainable initiative

  • Efficiency Operation Cost

Reduce costs by streamlining operations, optimizing energy usage, and adopting eco-friendly practices, positively impacting your bottom line.

  • Concrete Net-Zero Efforts

Showcase tangible evidence of your institution's commitment to a net-zero future, reinforcing your green initiatives with measurable actions and impacts.

  • Boost Brand Credibility

Go beyond promises—take real actions. Decarbonization enhances your brand credibility, making your commitment to sustainability evident to customers and stakeholders.

Our Carbon Consultancy Services

We support your decarbonization program through:


End-to-end GHG emissions consultancy for corporate and event


Greenhouse Gas calculation


Customized carbon widget

And Many More...


User-friendly Greenhouse Gas documentation

Our team is here to help you with carbon emissions. We have in-depth expertise in understanding, measuring, and reporting GHG emissions according to international standards, namely GHG Protocol. In the consultancy process, we ensure clarity and transparency.

Contact us if you have any inquiries.

Featured Clients

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How we categorize institutions’ greenhouse gas emissions

Businesses and organizations emit greenhouse gasses and carbon through energy consumption in three distinct ways, commonly known as 'scopes' in our context.

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Scope 1

Mangrove Tree.jpeg

Scope 2

Mangrove Tree.jpeg

Scope 3

These emissions result from sources that your organization or event directly owns or operates.

These are emissions caused indirectly and stem from the energy you purchase to directly operate your enterprise.

Emissions resulting from activities indirectly owned by your business but associated with its operation or value chain.

Our Methodology

Pages from CE Presentation 2023 (Duplicate This File).pptx (1).jpg

Sedari, Karawang

West Java, Indonesia

Tanjung Pakis, Karawang
West Java, Indonesia

Jembrana, Bali

Bali Island, Indonesia

Dompak Island,

Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Harapan Island,

Kepulauan Seribu, Indonesia

In which scope does your institution emit the most emissions?


Let’s collaborate!

We welcome all partners including governments, organizations, NGOs, private & public sectors, small businesses, and research institutions to collaborate for climate action.


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