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Kickstart your Institution Climate Journey

We make decarbonization effortless. With Carbon Consultancy, we assist you in calculating your carbon footprint, understanding decarbonization, and sequestering the carbon emissions you've already produced.

About Greenhouse Gass Emissions

Commercial and Industries play a big part in the energy usage in Indonesia as they contributed to 34% of total GHG emitted in 2019. Without the proper effort of reduction, it may lead to catastrophic outcomes.


Blue Carbon Conservation

Blue Carbon is the carbon stored by marine and coastal ecosystems such as mangrove forests, seagrass meadows, and seaweed. Blue Carbon Ecosystems can store up to 10 times more carbon than terrestrial forests, making them vital in addressing the climate crisis.


Unfortunately, these ecosystems are facing the highest rate of destruction among all types of ecosystems on Earth. Globally, we have lost up to half of the world's mangroves since the 1940s and seagrass since 1990, primarily due to human activities (Conservation International, 2019).

That’s why it’s important to conserve blue carbon ecosystems and CarbonEthics is the pioneer of blue carbon conservation in Indonesia.

Carbon Offset through
Blue Carbon Conservation

Blue carbon can be used to absorb GHG emissions. But the benefit is more than that.


You can offset your institution’s carbon footprint through blue carbon conservation!

Carbon offseting is a way to compensate for the carbon emissions produced by your institution. Carbon offset is done by funding projects that reduce or remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere. For example, you can plant 100 mangroves to compensate of 3300 kg of CO2e to the emissions your institution generates.

Carbon offset can be registered to the government and can generate certificates of carbon reduction that are tradable.


Our Available Services

We support your carbon offsets program through:


Measure your institution's greenhouse gas emissions using our systematic measurement and get regular reports.

Carbon Calculation


Escalate your institution’s knowledge of greenhouse gases and other related concepts through our training materials and recordings on education

Carbon Education


Monitor your institution’s climate journey from our sustainability reports.

Carbon Reporting


Scale up your institution’s climate action by investing in carbon sequestration projects.

Carbon Sequesteration

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Image by The Tampa Bay Estuary Program

Now is the perfect time to start your institution climate action by consulting with us about its carbon footprint.

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