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Scale Your Sustainable Business Journey With Us

We welcome all businesses to go on net-zero journey while making meaningful impacts

with our nature-based solutions and beyond.

More Than 200 Partners Collaborated

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At CarbonEthics, 
we ensure the impacts you create go beyond plantation, by supporting local communities, preserving biodiversity, and providing transparency through MRV

*MRV: Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification

How We Help Your Net-Zero Journey

Invest in a community-based blue carbon ecosystem with our Nature Rehabilitation program, which includes:

  • Mangrove Rehabilitation,

  • Seagrass Research, and

  • Community Empowerment

Tailored for CSR initiatives, impactful brand campaigns, or events.

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One Pager Ramadan 2024
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What They Said
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Dita Agustina
Corporate Values Manager

The Campaign: Be Seen Be Heard The Body Shop Indonesia with CarbonEthics was very helpful for us to gain knowledge as our first step to tackle the climate crisis with our customers and youth all over Indonesia.

Let’s collaborate!

We welcome all partners including governments, organizations, NGOs, private & public sectors, small businesses, and research institutions to collaborate for climate action.

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