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Protect the Ocean and Bring the Climate Balance

Every subscription package will help to bring balance to the Ocean, and eventually the climate. Every plant you subscribe to will consistently sequester carbon, generate oxygen, and act as a lush feeding ground to protect biodiversity. All with less than couple cups of coffee a month.

Your contribution will matter more than before
This monthly subscription program will enable you to:

Sequester more carbon emissions with less penny


Secure regular income for the local community

Protect the coastal and marine biodiversity

The way to set your climate-positive journey with a single subscription


Pick the subscription that suits you best by checking your monthly emission.

Calculate now >


We will plant your subscription package you pick every month


And Voila! You can watch it grow through the digital monitoring

We are currently preparing the subscription product.

Join our mailing list and we will contact you once it's available!

While waiting for the subscription packages, you can take climate action now with our ready-to-plant products!

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