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Ramadan CSR 101: How to Plan and Execute a Sustainable Strategy

Updated: Feb 28

Ramadan CSR 101: How to Plan and Execute a Sustainable Strategy

Every Muslim celebrates Ramadan. Ramadan is a time of reflection and generosity for Muslims around the world. As a company, you can join the celebration of Ramadan by connecting with your employees, partners, and customers meaningfully.

Celebrating Ramadan together with employees, partners, and customers is good for your company to stay connected during this significant period. One of the best ways to do so is by engaging in sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Sustainable CSR reflects the values of Ramadan by preserving the Earth and benefiting both the environment and local communities.

Here's how your company can incorporate sustainable CSR during Ramadan:

Tips to follow:

1. Identify the institution’s sustainability goals

Before starting Ramadan programs, you need to define which area of sustainability the institution wants to focus on. Here are some of the possible sustainability goals:

  • Reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere

  • Uplifting local communities’ socio-economic conditions

  • Raising awareness of climate change to the customer

  • Engaging employees in sustainable action

  • Conserving biodiversity in the peatland or forest area

2. Align the program with the spirit and values of Ramadan

The program should not only align with sustainable objectives but also reflect the spirit and values of Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of generosity, caring, and solidarity. Therefore, if the institution wants to adopt these values, a suitable program prioritizes local community empowerment.

Ramadan is also the month of gratitude, reflection, and action. To adopt this value, the CSR can focus on giving back to the environment and biodiversity. Here are some ways to ensure that the programs instill the spirit and values of Ramadan:

  • Focus on the impacts. The impacts should be meaningful and well-targeted.

  • Involve and empower employees in the program so there will be more people joining the good deeds and increase their sense of belonging to the company and its programs

  • Collaborate with other organizations and communities to support the program and multiply the impacts.

  • Communicate, celebrate with, and involve customers and audiences to encourage a broader audience to participate in the program.

3. Partner with a sustainable organization

Institutions must be selective in choosing the right CSR partner that is sustainable, impact-driven, and committed to preserving the environment and communities to ensure the program successfully achieves its goals.

To help your company conduct sustainable CSR during Ramadan, CarbonEthics has designed #TanamSejutaKebaikan. It’s a special program during Ramadan to boost your sustainable CSR through mangrove planting and community development. We will help you plan and execute the CSR.

You can choose the programs in #TanamSejutaKebaikan:

  • Earth Donation: Donate a portion of your product’s profit for mangrove planting.

  • Earth Penny: Encourage your customer to donate to a mangrove plantation.

  • Corporate Sustainable Gifting: Opt for sustainable gifts for your partners, employees, and colleagues with mangroves. The recipient will receive an e-certificate, while the mangroves will be planted on the plantation site by coastal farmers.

These programs have been tailored to your needs and align with Ramadan values. We also provide customized and add-on programs to maximize the initiatives and the impacts. Contact our team to join #TanamSejutaKebaikan.

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