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JEDA WASTRA: Subo Family’s Expedition

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Mangrove Trees

Updated by 11 February 2022

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Meet Subo Family

A family of three who is passionate about transforming the world through sustainability

They are going on an expedition to uncover the stories about slow fashion and as well as promote sustainability across Indonesia, including through the way they travel, or as we call it #TravelCooler


Intan Anggita

Winner of the Kartini Next Generation Award, Intan is a recycling artist who has been recycling and transforming clothes since 2004. She is a content creator, a music lover, and a slow-living practitioner.


Aria Anggadwipa

A cheerful person who loves to dream. Aria already worked as a branding consultant, as a photographer and as a diver. Today he is still passionate about adventures and old things


Irama Lautan Teduh

Irama's hobbies are cooking, riding bicycles, swimming, skateboarding and being a PR for Subo Family. Behind his cheerful nature, he is used to doing road trips and vacations with his mother and father.


Jeda Wastra will be divided into 4 Chapters with the first destination being Sumba. Subo Family will be traversing through corners of the country in their custom campervan aptly named Gonzales.

Saving the Ocean


Going on a road trip around Indonesia, meeting new people, exploring new places and cultures, trying different foods... It sounds like a dream to many of us!

Subo Family is choosing to live this dream while also giving back to Mother Earth by helping to plant more mangrove trees as part of mangrove conservation efforts through CarbonEthics!


Farmer with Mangrove

Why Mangrove?

Because mangrove trees store more carbon per unit area than any other ecosystem on earth*. Besides that, these ecosystems serve as a natural habitat for birds and sea creatures, and as livelihood support to coastal communities. Indonesia, the country where the Subo family comes from, has the largest area of mangrove forests in the world.

However, this global treasure for climate solutions is under threat. In just three decades, Indonesia has lost 40 percent of its mangroves, making it the world’s fastest deforestation rate. Hence, Subo wants to encourage the world to support mangrove conservation through this trip.

*Mangroves store up to 10 times more carbon per hectare than terrestrial forests (Conservation International)

Why CarbonEthics?

Because we focus on restoring blue carbon* ecosystems as they can absorb up to 10 times more carbon emissions from the atmosphere than terrestrial trees! Besides that, these ecosystems serve as a natural habitat for birds and sea creatures, and as livelihood support to coastal communities.

*Carbon captured by the world's ocean and coastal ecosystems

You can be part of this expedition too!
Support Subo Family while planting mangrove trees

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