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Image by Christoffer Engström

Blue Carbon Package (BCP) is a bundle that will help you capture 60 kg CO2e from the atmosphere.


Our farmer partners will plant 3 mangrove trees and 1 seaweed seedling for you. With each adoption of BCP, you will be funding our seagrass plantation research in Dompak Island.


There's still more to this! You will also contribute to:

  1. Conserving and restoring coastal ecosystems
  2. Increasing the income of our farmers and providing them with skills & climate training
  3. Ensuring our farmers are safe from hazards during planting by supporting them with protection gears and planting equipment

You can personalize your Certificate of Appreciation by adding your full name or the person you are gifting. Please be aware that we will send the certificate within 48 hours.

Blue Carbon Package

  • Please be aware all Blue Carbon Package will be planted by our farmer partners and will not be delivered to your address.
  • You will receive your certificate within 2x24 hours :)
  • For gifting, if you want us to send the certificate directly to the recipient, please include the email in checkout form (1 recipient) or notes (multiple recipients)
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