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Image by Christoffer Engström

Planting 50 Mangrove trees can help you absorb up to 1,650 kg of CO2e from the atmosphere. 


For every planting, you will contribute to:

  • Rehabilitate the blue carbon ecosystem to protect the coastal communities from natural risks and provide a home for biodiversity, such as fish, shellfish, crabs, etc.

  • Provide economic and social benefits to coastal communities through direct economic income from planting, community development programs, and climate training.

  • Support local communities by ensuring our farmers are safe from hazards during plantation with protection gear and planting equipment.


You can also check how your Mangroves grow through our our Digital Monitoring.

50 Mangrove Trees

  • We will send the certificate within 48 working hours.
  • Your certificate’s name/sender’s name will be taken from your shipping name.
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