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Coral Scholar

Building Resilient Seas, One Woman At A Time

Welcome to

  Padangbai, Karangasem, Bali  

The heart of Bali's tourism, fishing, logistics, and transportation industry

Women make up the majority population of Karangasem with half of them being within active working age. However, only 22.31% of the girls in the region have a high school diploma or higher degree. More than 36,31% of girls do not even receive a basic primary school education.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, activities of industries that supports locals' livelihoods plummeted. And in 2020, the number of impoverished people reached an all-time high.

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We aim to provide opportunities for local young women to be able to provide for their families' livelihoods and support their dreams through climate education. Supporting the revitalization of the fishery and tourism industry by building a resilient coral ecosystem and training on becoming a community leader.

 About Coral Scholar

We empower local youth, specifically young women to understand the importance of reef conservation and its roles in it. Shaping a generation with coral-friendly behavior and being more committed towards climate action efforts.


Open Water Diving Certification

Scholars will go on 12 dive trips and will be certified from Scuba Schools International (SSI). The certification also includes specialty courses to advance their techniques.

Reef Rehabilitation

Engaging in the transplantation and monitoring process of reef rehabilitation. Moreover, learn in-depth about the dynamics of marine conservation and climate change.

Conservation Leadership Skill

Trained on skills that allow scholars to engage with the community and overcome public social challenges. Scholars are also introduced to crowdfunding processes which aims to increase financial literacy.

Community Outreach Program

Becoming an active member of the community by engaging in public advocacy and other related activities catered towards the youth.

 Meet Our Scholar 

Image by Diogo Hungria
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Contribute to the program 
by adopting a coral 

 Follow Our Journey 

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December 2021

Start exposure to reef rehabilitation programs by conducting its first diving training and reef monitoring activities. Followed by evoking discussions of the current climate crisis through a screening of ‘A Life on Planet.’ A focus on sharpening presentation skills, with regards to climate education, is highlighted this month.

March 2022

The scholars hosted their first social activity at Mimba Corner, going in-depth on how to realize a sustainable village.

May 2022

The scholars had a chance to visit Carolia Charity to conduct socialization about sustainability.

We have Gita and Saras who shared their deck in a presentation to the audience. Through this, we promoted a sustainable lifestyle to a broader community as a social initiative while enhancing their public speaking and community empathy skills.

January 2022

Dive trainings continues as scholars begins to focus on their strategic planning skills. Involved in brainstorming sessions and planning for next months’ community engagement programs. Further trainings and honing presentations soft skills (self-confidence and discipline)


April 2022

Our scholars have a focus discussion on Global Solutions, what can we do to act collectively as a community, and also why women should take part in this movement. It leads to a visit to Bali Zero Waste Store at Padangbai, Bali.


The scholars create a business case entitled "Almost No Waste - Working Together to Create a More Equitable and Sustainable World. A hero for you, our partners, and the planet."


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 Meet The Mentors 

Our biggest appreciation to the mentors who have tirelessly worked and taught our scholars as well as the people working behind the scenes to make the program into a reality

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Project Liaison Officer 

Cleine Celestine

Asset 2_4x.png

 Diving Instructor 

Albert Tamin | Kadek Budi | Leon Boey

Asset 1_4x.png

Aryo Damar

 Beach Cleanup.Leader 

Image by Diogo Hungria
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Contribute to the program 
by adopting a coral 

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