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Carbon Offsetting

Take responsibility of your carbon footprint

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a mechanism that allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to take responsibility for their carbon emissions. It is essentially a way of balancing out the carbon emissions that are produced by a particular activity, such as air travel or electricity consumption, by funding projects that reduce or eliminate an equivalent amount of emissions elsewhere. This can include projects like planting trees, investing in renewable energy, improving energy efficiency in buildings, and more.

The purpose of carbon offsetting is to help mitigate the impact of carbon emissions on the environment and climate change.

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How does Carbon Offsetting Work? 

For instance, if you take a round flight trip from Jakarta to Bali, you will emit around 350 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. You can absorb your carbon emissions with CarbonEthics by planting Blue Carbon Packages to compensate for the emissions from that trip.

How Does It Work in CarbonEthics?

CarbonEthics is committed to ensuring that carbon offsetting efforts are effective and meaningful. We uphold high standards of integrity and transparency to deliver real and measurable carbon reductions that benefit both the environment and communities. By maintaining rigorous reporting and accountability, we can guarantee the credibility and impact of our projects.

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Pre-Feasibility Study

An initial assessment of the potential carbon credits using suitable methodology of your project. During this stage, we evaluate legal and geospatial vector data employing GIS tools to determine project eligibility and estimate the potential carbon credits and revenue in your project.  

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Project Lead Execution

Coordinate the implementation and execution of your carbon project, such as planting or forest patrol, community development, carbon measurement and monitoring, and project timeline coordination.

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Feasibility Study

Field assessment to gather primary data on carbon stock, ecology,community livelihood, potential risks, and mitigation. These assessments will validate the carbon quality and quantity potential in your project area.

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Carbon Certification

Submission of the required documentation, data, and evidence to a recognized certification body (SRN) and assistance for the carbon project audit conducted by an authorized institution to gain carbon certification.

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PDD Development

The Project Design Document (PDD) compiles the Mitigation Action Design Document (DRAM), including baseline conditions, project interventions, carbon modeling, economics, and methodology selection.

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Carbon Credits Selling

Facilitate the selling of carbon credits in the market and assist in the transaction process.


Driven by Nature Restoration

We believe in the power of nature to restore the climate balance. We are dedicated to implementing natural climate solutions with a focus on blue-carbon ecosystems. These solutions enable us to offset by absorbing the carbon emissions while providing other benefits, such as conserving biodiversity and enhancing the livelihood of local communities.

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Community Based-Conservation

Community is always at the heart of our conservation. We work closely with local coastal communities, recognizing their role in restoring and protecting the conservation site. Alongside our planting activities, we provide training and support for economic development initiatives that increase community resilience.

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Transparency in Monitoring

Transparency is a critical aspect of responsible conservation, and we are committed to providing accurate and detailed information about our project. We utilize digital monitoring technologies and incorporate patchwork planting to ensure that our plantation is closely monitored. We ensure our customers are well-informed about the entire process and its impact. more

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How to offset my carbon footprint?

Before that, we do encourage you to calculate your carbon emission. Remember to:

what you can



your carbon footprint


what you can't



Absorb your carbon emission now by planting Blue Carbon Packages! Each blue carbon package can absorb 60kg of CO2e from the atmosphere.


We are here to support institutions' journey to net zero. From carbon consultation to carbon sequestration services, our service will help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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